ok I'm feel in love with tumblr. its better then facebook, just tell fb that lol. i post alot of doctor who supernatural harry potter oh it helps that im a nerdfighter. well follow if you like.
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Adventure Time Pixel Art

By David Grey

(via smosh)

In honor of National Sibling Day... →


Actual conversations that have happened between my sister and I -

gallifreyburning: “It’s weird, I just cannot imagine my life without you. I mean, I’ve never NOT known you.”
Me: “Well, that sentiment goes both ways…EXCEPT, factually speaking you existed for a full 3…


Cat-Face Couch Pillow

Crafted out of cotton, this hand-painted pillow resembles the face of a tabby cat. Use as an accent on the back of your couch to give the appearance of a cat peaking out, or use it to rest your head for a nap. Sold on Etsy.

I’m totally in the mood to watch Doctor Who. But I am not sure who and what to watch. Classic or new? Which Doctor? Ugh a problem only us geeks face.

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